Mereway Nature Park: DISCOVER
Mereway Nature Park,
Off Mereway Road,
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fox bench
© Richard Clemence

Mereway Nature Park is a tranquil oasis bounded by 2 rivers, the River Crane and the Duke of Northumberland’s River.

Mereway Nature Park has several facilities for families – a table and magnifying glasses to use to investigate the things that you discover on the site (we would be grateful if you would leave them behind for others), a chain saw carved bench of a fox, a stag beetle hotel and an insect hotel which you are welcome to introduce further material as habitat for mini beasts.

The site is good for foraging – horseradish, elder flowers and berries, brambles and old apples and plums trees can all be easily found from the main path. As it is a nature park we would ask you to be respectful of the wildlife and not to intrude into the scrub which is valuable habitat.